Charlie Petrof: My Work Matters

Charlie Petrof is a supervisory attorney in our Public Benefits Practice Group.  Pictured here with LAF staff Meghan Carter and Mara Block and their client Fred, for whom they secured wheelchair-accessible housing, he explains why he works at LAF:

“I work at LAF to help families speak up to the decision makers who change lives.  When CPS announced the intent to close the largest number of public schools in U.S. history last year, LAF allowed me to meet with the families losing their schools and bring their stories both to the school district and to court.
I work at LAF to keep people out of nursing homes.  Many disabled individuals can be cared for more cheaply at home than in a nursing home, but without a lawyer, they are pushed into institutions that lower our client’s standard of living and cost the State more.
I work at LAF because poverty is more than a lack of resources, it is also a lack of power.  LAF helps balance power.  We help clients get the fair shot that everyone should be entitled to.”

Thanks, Charlie!


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