Michelle Weinberg: My Work Matters

weinberg2Michelle Weinberg, a supervisory attorney in our Consumer Practice Group, got a big surprise yesterday.  She was just doing her job, making a presentation at the Metropolitan Family Services (MFS) center in Roseland, to talk about LAF services and reverse mortgages.  But when she got there, she was surprised with an award from MFS Senior Homeowner Program!  The award was in connection with the case where she represented two brothers to save the family home they inherited from their deceased mother.  You can read about some of her similar victories in our 2012 Annual Report.

In presenting the award, Virginia Boller of MFS thanked Michelle for the work we do at LAF, and for preserving this family’s home, recognizing that “seniors are the backbone of our community” and how keeping seniors in their homes helps the whole community.  Michelle was blown away, and so happy for her client, who was also given a certificate of recognition in the impromptu ceremony.

When prompted further to explain why she works at LAF, she said:  “I came from private practice to work at LAF because a funder recognized the need for consumer protection lawyers for seniors and allowed LAF to hire me 12 years ago.  At LAF I can focus on the merits of my clients’ cases without regard for their ability to pay or how much money I might be able to make off the case.”


Michelle’s award reads:

Certificate of Appreciation
presented to
Michelle Weinberg  
For using her legal skills and knowledge to support and
empower families in the greater Roseland Community
with Grateful Appreciation
Senior Homeowners Program     Metropolitan Family Services Calumet

Thanks, Michelle!  And congratulations on your award!  


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