Colleen Connolly: My Work Matters

Colleen Connolly, a staff attorney in our Children and Families practice group, and the chair of LAF’s Seniors Task Force, is proud to work at LAF.  Much of Colleen’s legal work focuses on seniors raising children, often grandchildren.  She helps the seniors with guardianships, child welfare, special education advocacy, and family stability.  In our July 2103 eNewsletter, she told us, “It’s not automatic that families are functional.  When bureaucratic institutions insert themselves into a family, people often need help getting through those processes.  So I try to make the family stronger than before, so people don’t get lost.”  When asked why she works at LAF, she said:


“I work at LAF to help grandparents create safe, loving permanent homes for vulnerable children.  I help grandparents protect their relatives by representing grandparents in court.  I am proud of the work LAF does to help create the families these children deserve.”

Thanks, Colleen!  We’re proud of you too!


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