Kenya Burnett: My Work Matters

Today’s story is of Kenya Burnett, a Staff Attorney in our Public Benefits Practice Group.  Kenya has become a young rock star in the Chicago legal aid community lately, since she won a Chicago Bar Foundation Sun-Times Public Interest Law Fellowship.  (You can read more about that award in our previous blog post here.)  Kenya has a heart the size of the sun, and we couldn’t be prouder to have her work with us at LAF.  Read why she works with us here:

“I work at LAF because I want to help. It is just that simple. I could tell you about all the things that I have witnessed, all the wonderful things that have resulted for my clients due to the work we do at LAF, but what it comes down to is I want to help. I feel it is my duty and my responsibility to help others. My clients need help, they do not have much and cannot afford to pay for legal services, but that does not make them less deserving of legal assistance. That is why I work at LAF.”

Thanks, Kenya!


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