Larry Wood: My Work Matters


We continue our staff profiles this week with Larry Wood, always-verbose Director of LAF’s Housing Practice Group, (and perennial winner of The New Yorker magazine’s weekly Cartoon Caption Contest, which he won’t hesitate to remind you of).  He explains his love of LAF and housing law, which has held his heart for more than 23 years, and he has called “incredibly compelling” and “never boring.”  Larry says:

“I work at LAF because I don’t like blaming the victim.  After one of my clients, a subsidized housing resident, suffered a severe beating at the hands of her boyfriend, the property manager served her with a termination notice that read, “Your guest was taken from your apartment by the Chicago Police Department in response to your phone request for someone to alert the police because you needed help.  The police and management came to your unit, and when you answered the door it was obvious that you had been beaten.  Your face was swollen, especially your nose, and scratches as well as bite marks appeared to be present.  By allowing your guest into your unit, you violated [the lease provision that] prohibits your guests from engaging in violent criminal activities.”  Helping this client obtain an order of protection against her abusive boyfriend and preserve her tenancy was immensely satisfying.”

Thanks, Larry!


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