Kate Liss: My Work Matters

What a day #GivingTuesday has turned out to be!  Check out our Facebook page here and our Twitter page here to see how much fun we’ve had today sharing our reasons for supporting LAF.  Check back in tomorrow to see how much money we’ve raised (it’s a lot!) and for a full recap of all of the day’s highlights.  Some of our favorites came from LAF’s staff, including Kate Liss, a staff attorney in our Consumer Practice Group.


“I work at LAF not just because it is an opportunity to help the under-resourced, but because it is an opportunity to help them in the ways that they need help most.  The deepest legal needs of the under-resourced can so easily be overlooked.  At LAF we are lucky to be able to evaluate our cases based on how much our services could help the client’s general well-being and current financial situation.  Our decision to invest time and resources in a case is based on whether we are in a legal position to be able to truly change the client’s life for the better.”

Thanks, Katie!


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