Sir Patrick Stewart shares his passion for protecting victims of violence

SIR PATRICKSir Patrick Stewart, famed actor and activist, spoke recently at Comicpalooza in Texas.  He offered an intimate look into his own life as a survivor of domestic violence, after a fan in the audience identified herself as a fellow survivor.  That fan’s account of his telling is very powerful, and you can read it on her blog here.

In the course of his moving response to her question, Sir Patrick shared a family story about the struggles his own father faced as a veteran of the armed services.  Sir Patrick notes that if his father had been treated, their family might never have been confronted with the brutality of domestic violence.  You can watch a video of the whole answer here on Youtube.

Stewart is a tireless advocate for victims of domestic violence, like his mother, and those who have been affected by combat-induced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, like his father.  We thought we would share this moving story with you today.  As an agency that helps survivors of domestic violence, as well as veterans who are coping with serious issues when they return from active duty, we know firsthand that providing support and resources can provide the stability our clients need to lead safe and stable lives.  

Between now and next Tuesday, LAF’s Veterans’ Rights Project is participating in the 2013 Charity Challenge, to raise money for the work we do to help veterans, service members and their families.  We have met many clients like Sir Patrick’s mother – and many like his father too. Your support ensures we can help people find their way to the services and support they need, to overcome challenges that can otherwise have lasting, and profoundly devastating, impacts on their lives.


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